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Libya Floods: The current death toll has surpassed 5,000 with fears it could hit 40,000 as reported by the Telegraph.

Storm Daniel caused has deadly flooding in eastern Libya. The city of Derna has suffered the most. The Sunday night’s deluge has washed away most access roads. Aid workers who managed to reach the city described the devastation, with thousands still missing and tens of thousands left homeless. Bodies are everywhere, inside houses, in the streets, at sea. Wherever you go, you find dead men, women, and children in Derna. Entire families are lost.

Two dams in the mountains above the city collapsed, sending floodwaters roaring down the Wadi Derna river and through the city center, sweeping away entire city blocks. As much as a quarter of the city has disappeared. Waves rose as high as 7 meters (23 feet). Families rushed to the roof of their apartment building, stunned at the volume of water rushing by. The flood reached the second story of many buildings. They watched people below, including women and children being washed away.

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